Services Provided

Individual Therapy
At Focused Concentration we help an individual understand their problems and bring about a more effective adjustment to their environment. Most problems can be handled in a short period of time (less than 15 sessions), especially when the client is open and willing to learn and make changes in his/her life.

Couples Counseling
We examine the couples communication style, personality structure, and functioning and we collaboratively help them learn to make constructive and durable changes in their relationship. Through the assessment of current communication and problem solving approaches, we are able to understand the issues and provide guidance for turning alienation into connection and withdrawal into engagement.


TOPsix are intensive 6 week evidence-based (CBT) cognitive behavior therapy programs designed for the specific individual. These programs follow a structured curiculum to educate the individual on a specific issue, to identify triggers, and learn new coping mechanisms. We currently provide TOPsix for Adult ADHD, and Relationship Enhancement for Adult ADHD.

At Focused Concentration we provide a variety of educational groups to help the individual, couples, and families. The following groups are offered on a rotating schedule:

Questions for Couples
Strategies for Adult ADHD/ADD
Self Esteem after Divorce
Bipolar Support Group
Living with Chronic Pain
Weigh Loss Management
Co-parenting after Divorce
Parenting an ADHD/ADD Child
Anger Management Group

We provide objective assessment of attentional and mood difficulties for adults, teens, and children. Comprehensive psychological assessment of emotional and personality problems. Substance abuse, anger management, and domestic violence risk assessments for the courts. Mental status and diagnostic evaluation for workers compensation, adoption agencies, and child custody evaluations for the court.

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